***Love is Love***

Too Keen AKM MilesTOO KEEN is coming this Monday from Total-E-Bound. I’d love to get responses from people who read this. These guys are dear to me. Here’s some information about Too Keen:
Things sure happen when Keen Thomas and Lance Cantu get together. Wild things. Sexy things. Fun things. Crazy things. They form an almost instant bond, but somehow the police keep getting involved. Keen and Lance form an almost instant bond and end up meeting a lot of police officers. It seems that the term “Chaos Magnets” fits them to a T. These two sure know how to handle themselves in chaotic situations. They know how to handle themselves in romantic situations, as well.
There are criminals galore, martial arts, a little old lady (who, by the way, writes gay literature), sisters and identical brothers, more criminals, and lots of really hot sex. Join Keen and Lance as they face all life manages to throw their way, together.

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know.

***love is love***

Comments on: "Excitement abounds! New Release Monday the 25th." (1)

  1. I’m excited to read this one. I love the cover!

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