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Getting Excited!

Love, Grant, the sequel to Love, Jamie will be coming out on April 26th, with the print version arriving on May 17th. I am thrilled with the news. I love these two men…and we know they love each other.  Madness and mayhem, both funny and tragic and silly and intense and scary appear in this book. I highly recommend it.

I read a post recently on Goodreads where a fan was more or less taking authors who have blogs to task for not keeping up with them and I had to hang my head in shame. I have been woefully remiss in keeping this up.

What have I been doing? I finished a novel called Stone Canyon and it will come out in June from MLR Press. I am working on edits for Between Us Two that is also due in June, from Torquere Press. This is a sequel to Between Us with Matt and Jason, who met in Gatlinburg. Of course, I’ve been working on Love, Grant and it’s all ready. I’m writing a book now for Total-E-Bound called Cold Winters.

I”ve been visiting my mother daily in the nursing home and right now she is doing fine, as she says, “I’m okay.” The rest has just been daily life, you know how that goes. I apologize for not being better at this. I need to close one down and just have one blog

I just have to decide which one to keep and let everyone know that is where to find me.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


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  1. megleigh said:

    I know how you feel about the blogging thing. I didn’t read the post on goodreads, but I’ve recently been taking myself to task about not blogging more. I am going to try and blog Mon-Wed-Fri each week. Will see how this goes.

    It’s even worse when you have two pen names. I am able to post one blog every couple of days, but not two. Wonder how people would feel if the two just had the same posts, or if I combined the two…*ponder*

    Good luck with the new work, and with the upcoming releases!

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