***Love is Love***


My hat is off. Off to the mothers and fathers of children with autism. As if raising a child wasn’t enough of a challenge in today’s world! But these parents are as special as their children for they are tested in ways we can only imagine. The love isn’t the problem, of course. But there are pressures and worries and needs that are special to each child. There is no formula that says, “Oh, you have an autistic child? Okay, then you’ll have to do this and this.” Wouldn’t that be wonderful? No, these parents are flying by the seat of their pants, so to speak. So, while everyone is thinking and writing about, and even making shows about, children with autism, those beautiful, smart, special children, my hat is off to the parents who live with and care for, make special plans for, and love these children.

I would imagine that dealing with other people’s perceptions of these children and what life is like with them is yet another test. There is such prejudice out there for anyone who is different and it is the height of cruelty for people to try and make fun of, think less of, and cause any extra stress for these children, and in so doing, hurt the parents as well.

I know some of these parents and their children and know that their lives are both tested and blessed. My hat is off.

AKM Miles

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