***Love is Love***

I have had this book on my mind for months and despite health issues have notes and ideas and scenes and suggestions galore. I am now into it and it’s calling to me. I am hoping to get it done in a couple of months. We’ll see. Soon you all will get to meet Rhine and Brandon. I need to spend a lot more time with them first.


In the meantime, I have one coming out soon at MLR called Not So Different. It’s gone through most of the paces so far, but waiting on a few things. Clay and Joseph coming your way…They are so good at MLR about getting things out and I love working with Kris!


So, whatcha doin’ lately?       _MG_0116    _MG_0302


I’ve been taking lots of pictures and listening to music and walking on the treadmill, whew…and writing. Right now Mariah and Miguel are singing and next up is Blurred Lines, one of my summer favorites, along with Macklemore’s Same Love…Lord, if you haven’t heard that, check it out!


Let me know what’s happening with you.


Love is love.




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