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I was thrilled to find this review of All in the Details from Trish at Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books. It got 4 Sweet Peas and some very nice words were used throughout the review. I believe that this reviewer really understood what I was trying to do in the book. I wanted to show someone with a condition (OCD) who had learned to handle it and make it work for him. I did not mean to trivialize the problem at all, but show some positives. I loved the characters in the books and how they fit together so well. Here are a few lines from the review and where you can get it: http://mrsconditreadsbooks.com/index.php


…” A.K.M. Miles has written a fantastic tale that starts out as ordinary, but rapidly veers into the unexpected with All in the Details.”

…”This is a fantastic character and somewhat plot driven story with a plot that flows as smooth as a fine whiskey. “

…”The sex is tender and passionate, with a depth far beyond just the physical.

The author’s writing style is eloquently simple, clean, and concise, with a delicious twist of humor running through even the darker moments of the story. The HEA ending is beautiful and satisfying.”


I could have happily put the whole review on here, but I’ll let those who are interested go and check it out. I’m thrilled with it.


Thanks so much to Trish.                    From                     AKM Miles Tile Logo

Comments on: "Great Review for All in the Details!" (2)

  1. Hellen moore said:

    When are we getting a new scarcity and easy love those

    • Am working on a book now and when it’s done I’ll start a new book about Gom and his work. Thanks for loving my guys.

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