***Love is Love***

Great Day!

I had a wonderful day talking with many people on two promo sites. I was on The Sweet Spot and Love Romance Café (MLR Day).  I put on excerpts from my new one, Not So Different and from my recent one, All in the Details, and then I went back and put on some great scenes from really old ones that had people remembering some old favorites. Being so lacking in tech skills I didn’t know how to put pics on so I had to send them to my web site where I had them all. Duh. What does Clay do in Not So Different? Oh, yeah. He works at a technical support store. Mmm-hmm.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll come on and put the blurb and an excerpt from Not So Different on here. Or maybe I’ll throw in some from the old books. I was happy that it got people talking about them. Some have kind of been left in the dust, so to speak, and I love those characters. Maybe they need to see the light of day again. Yep, catch you tomorrow with some excerpts.View from Lake Shore Drive  Okay if I share pics with you every once in a while?   Took this on a trip to Milwaukee a couple of years ago. Love it.  Need to go back on the 10th of October this year and see the So You Think You Can Dance tour show. Love that city and love that show…Mmmm…road trip!

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