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Where have I been? It’s been so long!

I have had some health issues, one right after the other, that have pretty much kept me away from the computer for a few months, for any extended length of time, at least. Things are way better now and I am back to writing. Well, except for the sty and it’s medicine that makes it hard for me to read and see the screen now. But, surely, that will go away soon.

I’m trying to finish Put Me in a Book and then I have ideas for another couple of books. One will be another Scarcity book about Gom and his job. The other will be a stand-alone…or maybe the start of a series… who knows. But I am excited about writing again. Thanks to those who have wondered about where I was and what had happened to me. I’ve been a bit of a hermit. Sorry about that. 

I promise to get something out soon and thank my readers for caring. More coming soon.