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Getting excited!

About a few things. I think I have finished Put Me in a Book. I am rereading and editing and checking to make sure I like the ending. Finally. I really like these characters and their extraordinary story. Talk about working together to deal with what life throws you!

I am excited just thinking about seeing everyone again at GRL this year. I will be there as a reader and be meeting friends and making new ones. Please, if you’re coming, look me up and we can talk books or whatever. By then, I’ll be working on the next Scarcity book. I know! I said I could do nothing but Scarcity and most people would be happy with that. Those are some really good characters.

I am excited about a friend of mine who also has a new one coming out soon. Woo hoo.

I am excited about some of the photography I’ve been doing lately working with abstract shots done with macro lenses. Olive oil and water and marbles and cut glass. Fun stuff.

I am excited about getting some answers about the health problems that plagued me last year.

I am just excited about life right now, I guess.

Love to you all!

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Hope to see and hear from you soon and I will get to work on finishing this one up and starting on the next one.