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More news for you!

I’m going to release All in the Details and Something for Santa at MLR. I’m leaving All in the Details as it is, because I love it so much.

I’m  extending Something for Santa quite a bit. It was either going to be a sequel or make it longer and since I have it back and can do so, I’ve going to make it quite  bit longer. I know at least one person who will love this news. (JS) I hope many of you will get a chance to get to know Max, Derek and Michael-not-Mike.  Those who have read it can catch up on Betsy Ross and Sara Lee and find out what happens when Derek overhears some disturbing and dangerous information. They’re happy now, together, but why are there always outside forces causing problems for them?

Stay tuned and see what happens. I’m writing as fast as I can. I stopped writing on a new Scarcity novel to get this done, then it’s back to the men of Scarcity and a great new story.



Been shooting roses a lot lately. Here’s a few_MG_7417_MG_7524_MG_7910 for you. A gift of flowers for you.


_MG_7634_MG_7885_MG_7730 copy PE_MG_7931





Comments on: "More news for you!" (2)

  1. First, the roses are beautiful! Second, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I am so dang happy about Derek and Max….and of course, Michael-not-Mike!!! This is FANtastic news! *sigh* you just made my weekend. I sure hope the story is ready “in some minutes” bwahahahahahaha I don’t know how you knew but yup I am rereading SfS again….guess that makes it the millionth and one time…. 🙂

    I am offta Snoopy dance and giggle like a fool. Oh, and congrats on the rerelease of All in the Details, too. 🙂

    hugs from your #1 stalk…….er………fan,

    • I knew this would make you happy. I’m liking where it’s going. It’s gonna be much longer. I, too, love these characters. Thanks for being a faithful fan…and friend.

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