***Love is Love***

I am so excited to report that Something More for Santa has a contract for MLR. That means that I have three coming out there soon. Okay, two of them are reissues, but one is doubled from before. Here’s my list:


I’ve got It’s Okay coming October 17th.ItsOkay_Miles_KJacen Cover 2    Love that. It’s a new Scarcity book.


Then I have All in the Details. I didn’t change that one, except a tiny bit, because I loved it as it was. I hope you do, too.  New cover coming soon.


And then for Christmas it is Something More for Santa. Max, Derek, and Michael are back and the book has doubled in size, much more story. New cover coming soon.

I hope you enjoy all of these and, by the way, I’m working on a book called Seeing Double. I got to the end of the first chapter and said to myself, “There’s nowhere else to take this but to Scarcity”.  So, probably early next year, another Scarcity Sanctuary book will be out. I am loving it, too. Several story lines going on at once in it. Teaser? This one centers on Ben, remember Ben with chocolate kiss eyes and the love for theater? Yeah, he’s in the middle of quite a chaotic situation. But, he’s got the best back up in the world, right?


Hope to hear from you soon. AKM

Comments on: "Get Ready, I’m back big time!" (5)

  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Color me HAPPY!!!! more Max,Derek and Michael dont call me Mike…..and Betsy Ross and Sara Lee…..and I hope Max is “main” headache free! Oh, I am so excited….Do you need a beta reader for this one….After all I have read the first one so many times if it was a paperback it would be missing pages and everything… 🙂 and now I feel another reread comin on. *big ole grin*

    And more Scarcity makes me wanna Snoopy Dance…*sigh* I luv that series….will hafta start over with book 1 for the when the new book is out…. 🙂 ah, the sacrifices I make for you AKM darlin. LOL!!!!

    Congrats on all the new contracts/releases.

    hugs from your #1 stalk………er………fan,

  2. Oh! and it would be great if they would rerelease Something for Santa and then put both stories in paperback….I would hafta have a couple of copies….One for reading and one for place of honor in my Do Not Touch bookcase… 🙂

    hugs ya,

    • I’m sorry to say this will be an ebook only. Really sorry. Can’t wait to see if you like them, though.

  3. Is Seeing Double going to be coming in the next month or so? (Fingers crossed!)


    • Not that soon as I’m still working on it. All in the Details comes out again the end of this month…no changes to it, just moved to MLR, new cover. Seeing Double should be next. I just have to get it done. Thanks, though. Glad you’re looking forward to it.

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