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Something MORE for Santa

Thanks to everyone for purchasing this book. The response has been great. I took the book, Something for Santa, and I doubled it in size, and renamed it Something MORE for Santa. New cover, new publisher, and new life. I really like all that I added and it seems that you all did, too. I’m so glad. It is doing well and as I posted before, when I added to it, I took it on into the spring of the next year so it is still relevant.

I am working hard on a book called Seeing Double, which is the seventh in the Scarcity Sanctuary Series. I have another reissue coming out on January 30th.  All in the Details will be out with a new cover and not many changes, since I loved it like it was. I look forward to seeing how that one goes over. It was so much fun to write.

I hope you all have a great year and thanks for supporting me.

SomethingMoreForSanta   Final