***Love is Love***

Autism Fact:

“As an autistic person put it, “Every time I am touched it hurts; it feels like fire running through my body.” Gillingham, G. (1995) (Nas website)


Just some thoughts on the subject of touch…


Do you think about touch vey often? Probably not. It’s just something that, for the most part, is taken for granted. Touch. Caress. Hug. Hold.

Do you ever think about people who don’t have that in their lives? People who live alone?

People in nursing homes who have no family left? People who are shy about reaching out? Yeah.

Now think about how often you are touched. Spouse, children, family members, close friends, etc. Even fans in some cases.

Do you think your life is enhanced, improved, just better because you are touched in sweet, kind, warm, loving ways?

Do you ever think about how nice it is that you are touched often?

There are people who go months, or more, without anyone touching them. Take a second to think about that.

They go about their days, weeks, months and maybe don’t even think about what they’re missing. Or maybe they do.

Researchers have proven the positive power of touch with newborns, but does anyone think about anything past that?

What would your life be without the comfort of someone touching you? I’m not speaking in a sexual sense at all, just basic human touch.

Pets are good for hugs and snuggles and strokes and so on, but if you don’t have, or can’t have, a pet, then what? Back to living a life devoid of touch in any way.

There are so many people who are starved for touch. They may not recognize it as such, but it has to have an effect on their lives.

It’s just something to think about. Is there something you could do for someone that you think might be in this position?

Take a hand, kiss a cheek, give a hug, offer an arm to help someone walk more steadily.

I’m not talking about freaking out a stranger, but I bet you know someone who might benefit from a friendly …touch.

How important is touch, to you?

Comments on: "TOUCH A Part of the Autism Blog Tour" (4)

  1. Thank you for taking part in this so important blog hop and for sharing this post with us.

  2. Thanks for the great post! Touch is very powerful – both positive and negative. A touch that is welcome can mean so much. But, an unwanted or harmful touch just the opposite.

  3. Thanks for the post. I agree, touch is a way of creating ties between people and is critically important.


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