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Ever wonder about Bart?

I shouldn’t have said it that way, because I have gotten emails asking about Bart and when he was going to have a story.

Bless his heart, he’s been there for every one of his brothers as they’ve found their loves. He’s been happy for them. But inside, there was  such longing.

At last.

Bart, the last of the original seven from Scarcity Sanctuary, gets his chance. There’s a lot of pain and fear and drama…and love and caring and support and understanding and kids and cancer and love and caring and support. Well, you know how they are at Scarcity. Will they find a donor for Mark in time? And exactly how many times will Eric get the crap beat out of him? Dang, it’s not fair. As Jaja says, “You’re not ever gonna get to have really good hugs, huh?”

What do you think?

Coming this fall, say mid-October…in time for GRL. Look for Smart Bart. Why did I name it that? Who knows? I’ll send a free ebook when they come out, to the first person who can tell me the answer!


Comments on: "Ever wonder about Bart?" (7)

  1. He is smart Bart, because when the original 7 introduced themselves to Soldier, Solider asked them to think of word that would let him remember their names. Dillion called him Smart Bart

  2. amanda potts said:

    thats what they called him in the very first book when to help soldier remember the boys names.

  3. I can’t wait!

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