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Photojournalist Austin Edmunds is something of a loner, preferring his own company to all of the people his friends try to set him up with. A new assignment in the Smoky Mountains might just change all that, though, when Austin meets big, sexy hunk, Brack Edge. Austin has never experienced an attraction as immediate as the one he feels for Brack, and he loves the scenery and people he encounters in the Smokies. Despite all that, life isn’t all fun and games for Austin and Brack. They take on helping out a local kid with his homophobic family, and Austin has a story to finish. The hardest part might just be how Brack and Austin will handle the fact that Austin is a Manhattan man to the core, and Brack is a mountain boy, through and through. Can they find a way to keep it together?


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*note: this is a reissue


Some reviews…

http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/2008/November/Hayley-Brackets.htm    Hayley at Fallen Angel Reviews says:

“…Brackets was a wonderful, sweet, deep story that made me laugh, love, and cry. Brack and Austin are fabulously drawn characters, so multifaceted as to stand up off the page and feel completely real. I loved how both men came from different backgrounds but were a perfect fit for each other. There was very little angst involved, just an almost instant love that built from a powerful attraction. Sure there were a few far fetched elements, Bethany being one, but she was a character that you couldn’t help but love as well. AKM Miles shows brilliant work by building the story from a tragedy to show how love and hope can carry on even after the loss of a loved one. I have liked other stories that I have read by AKM Miles, but this one is my favorite by far!”

http://rainbow-reviews.com/?p=657   British Bull Dog reviewed Brackets and says:

“…This story is difficult to categorize. It’s definitely a romance, and thankfully is much more than the all too often portrayed tale of the country mouse and the town mouse. There are hints of the paranormal, but it’s possible to discount such influences if that genre isn’t for you…”

“…Another checkmark in the “all in the garden is not rosy” column comes when Austin recalls his time with the tragic Howie. These were some of the most moving passages in the story.

Not everything is resolved within this story, so I’m wondering if A.K.M. Miles has a sequel in the works? I hope so, as the world that has been so vibrantly drawn deserves a second outlet…”

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