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Cold Winters


 Out now in e-book and in paperback. 

When Mason Davenport shows up in Sheriff Cole Winters’ Deerville, Kentucky, life in the sleepy rural town changes for everyone. Mason has come looking for Cole, but he didn’t come alone. There are four men who followed him from Chicago and they want to kill him before he can tell what he saw. Cold Winters is filled with romance, fear, beatings, babies, good food and friends, gorgeous countryside, evil men, and some really good sex that turns into everlasting love.  Old men with funny sayings, young men who need life lessons get them, and sweet pretty women provide good friendship.

Read an extract.

Review:  Bobbie Whitney at Book Wenches had this to say about Cold Winters …and much more:

“…I’ve noticed that Ms. Miles is including more action in her novels lately, and I have to admit that I like it. It adds an element of excitement that makes the romance that much more appealing. Ms. Miles has a style all her own, and that style may or may not appeal to you as a reader. I enjoy the folksy tone of her writing, the feeling of warmth and caring, and I have come to expect that when I open one of her stories. They are an oasis of sorts, an escape from the “real” world into a world where people actually care for each other and treat one another with kindness and respect. And that is what makes me look forward to reading Ms. Miles’ stories.” 

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