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Dare To

Dare To

Licensed counselor, Dare Wilson, works with troubled kids, and that’s how he meets Ryan Spencer’s nephew. The kid is reeling from his mother’s death, and Dare wants to help. He wants to help Ryan out, too. Their chemistry is immediate, but Dare knows he cares for Ryan, too. Dare thinks they’ll fit right into his quiet life, but he should know better than to think everything will go smoothly.

Suddenly, Dare is involved in a violent domestic violence dispute, a life-threatening situation with a client, and terrible problems with an old employee. Add in a newspaper reporter who makes him headline news, and makes a big deal out of Dare being gay, and all of a sudden, Dare is the one who needs help. Can he and Ryan face all of their problems and make it through together?

* This is a reissue that includes a bonus sequel, Dare’s Christmas Gift.

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Some reviews…

http://rainbow-reviews.com/?p=530    Emily at Rainbow Reviews says:

“…Dare To is a fabulous story about love and hope and how those we love can help us to endure even the toughest situations. The relationship between Dare and Ryan is moving and riveting. They have an intense connection, both emotionally and physically…”

“…There are some especially excellent secondary characters in this book. I absolutely loved the character of JC. The little boy is so open with his feelings and adds a special lightness to the story. It is particularly touching to watch the relationship of Ryan and JC evolve from uncle and nephew to father and son…”

“…Dare To is filled with wonderful characters as well as a touching romance and passionate sex. I thoroughly enjoyed the evolution of the relationship between Dare and Ryan and admired the characters for their bravery and self-awareness. This is a fabulous story that I highly recommend. This is my first introduction to Miles and I will most definitely be looking for other stories from this wonderful author!”

http://romancejunkiesreviews.com/artman/publish/contemporary/Dare_To.shtml  jhayboy at Romance Junkies says:

“…Only AKM Miles knows how to turn practical into an erotic experience…”

“…JC’s character brings high levels of hilarity to the book as well as that in-house cupid at work feel.

DARE TO is a very emotional read that will have you reaching for the tissue box – a time or two…”

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