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Love, Jamie


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Will Jamie and Grant’s new and exciting love for each other be able to withstand Donnie’s violent acts of jealousy?

Jamie Taylor meets Grant Stevens through his work as a tech at a physical rehabilitation facility. Sparks ensue and Grant comes out of the closet for Jamie.

Things would be just great if it wasn’t for the fact that Jamie has this stalker problem. The administrator’s son, Donnie, has a thing for Jamie and doesn’t like Grant showing up and horning in on what he considers his territory. Donnie makes his feelings known in a variety of violent ways. He preys upon everyone and everything that Jamie loves. Soon, that includes Grant.

It’s hard to get a relationship started in good times, but with Donnie creating mayhem around every corner, it is even more of a challenge. But, Donnie’s hate is not nearly as strong as Jamie and Grant’s love.

Some reviews…

Erotic Horizon gave 5 stars to: Love Jamie by AKM Miles      http://erotichorizon.blogspot.com/2009/05/review-love-jamie-akm-miles.html

“…The highlight of the book for me was really the development of Grant’s character, his journey to finding himself was not only heartfelt but very emotional as well.

LOVE, JAMIE is a must read, new readers to AKM Miles works you will be pleasantly surprised. Readers following her work – this is another brilliant production from Ms. Miles…”

http://fallenangelreviews.com/2009/May/april-lovejamie.htm    April review it for Fallen Angel Reviews and gave it 4 Angels

“…I have a particular penchant for coming out of the closet stories if they are well done. Love, Jamie fits in that category. Jamie and Grant are both very likable guys. Jamie is sure of his course in life and has his eye on the goal. Grant has his career but has never truly been happy. I liked that it wasn’t until he met Jamie that he realized that his life was lacking something. I also liked that it wasn’t that Grant suddenly realized that he was gay but that he realized that Jamie was special and that it didn’t matter that he was the same gender…”

Nanette at Joyfully Reviewed says:      http://joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Jun09/lovejamie.AM.html

They were definitely made for each other.  Donnie, the stalker, adds an edge to an otherwise sugary sweet story. Even without Donnie, Jamie and Grant’s relationship has plenty of emotion, giving it a lot of depth as is. I like where Love, Jamie starts and how Grant and Jamie’s friendship begins. I like where they go, how they transition from friends to lovers, and I like where their story ends. The element of danger draws them even closer together. Love, Jamie is a good love story.

If you enjoyed “Love, Jamie”, you’ll want to read the sequel, “Love Grant”

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