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Smart Alex

Smart Alex

Virgin and gay-wannabe Smart Fallon desperately wants to come out of the closet. When he moves to the big city and college, he figures he’s found his chance. In fact, he finds even more than that when he meets Tommy and Mike, his first gay friends.

Will Smart ever find his own love, though? Maybe he will, if he can make it through everything life throws at him. Alex is everything he wants, but Smart isn’t sure if he and Alex can find their way and help Tommy and Mike make it through. Can they all find happiness?

*note: this is a reissue with the addition of an epilogue

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Some Reviews…

http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/July08RR/SmartAlex.AKMM.html   Sabella at Joyfully Reviewed says:

“…Smart Alex is an awesome story, so full of emotion and romance that it will have you reaching for your sweetie and sighing in satisfaction…”

“…After reading Smart Alex you can bet that I will be going in search of other titles by AKM Miles because this has made me a fan!  Smart Alex is the perfect read for a day when sweet and sexy are what you are looking for.  I Joyfully Recommend Smart Alex – it’s a story that will satisfy your cravings for romance and happy endings – get it today, you won’t regret it!”

http://www.torquerepress.com/fiction/smartalex.html#review  Syd McGinley, author/reviewer at Torquere says:

“…Smart Alex is a sweet and hopeful story with plenty of hot sex, but don’t let the cute name and cuter boys fool you — there are some darker undercurrents in the story as small-town boy Smart learns to deal with college life.   He’s been waiting patiently for his gay life to start – and his on his first day he meets Mike and Tommy making out in the dorm hallway and his adventures begin.  Along the way, the boys find out about love, loyalty, and friendship, and find all three in surprising places and forms. Not just a coming of age or coming out story, all though it has elements of both, Smart Alex is a satisfying story about four young men finding their place in the world and moving their relationships beyond mere (!) sex to a deeper level.”

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