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Can you say Halloween shocker? Dillon is almost afraid for Soldier to get home on Halloween and see the surprise waiting for him. Like, really, afraid. It’s going to be a wild holiday for the Scarcity crew. And poor Bart. Yeah, he’s got heartache written all over him and Soldier and Dillon don’t know if they can help with his problem, which, of course, tears them apart, too. All in all, it’s going to be very eventful, to say the least. And, who gets the best quote of the book? Officer Jansen.           *Small snort of laughter.*

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Finally, it was early Saturday afternoon and the excitement was ramping up. Soldier was out and would be back in a couple of hours. They had their route planned for the evening’s adventures and there would be quite a group in attendance. They all wanted to see the twins enjoy Halloween for the first time. Dillon knew that everyone was going to be floored when they saw the twins’ costumes.

Dillon had the plastic pumpkins lined up and ready for them by the door and supper was going to be quick and easy, sandwiches, chips, and water. Considering what they would be eating the rest of the night, he considered leaving off the chips, but decided to let them enjoy it.

He tilted his head and listened. Was that crying? What was going on? He pitched the bag of chips onto the counter and headed for the upstairs where the sound came from. It was! The closer he got, the louder and more distressed it seemed. He could tell it was the twins and it sounded like both of them were bawling. What in the world?

He got to their room and looked around. The sounds, shrill now, were coming from the bathroom, the door to which was closed. He’d never heard the twins, especially Jojo making such noises. Something had to be terribly wrong. He hurried over and pushed it open, afraid of what he’d find.

His gasp had them both turning and when they saw the look on his face their crying reached epic proportions. Dillon had to hold onto the door facing to steady himself and he had to think fast.

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