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Stone Canyon


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Relationships can begin in so many different ways. There’s meeting in a bar, at a social event, or even a blind date. Or, an angry cowboy can burst into your private investigator’s office, throw down a letter, like a gauntlet, and you’re off and running. It’s different, but certainly not boring.

When Micah Stone shows up with a letter from his recently murdered mother, demanding explanations, and not liking the answers he receives, it’s on. Able Kenton has his own missive to share and the two set out on an adventure filled with danger, death, deceit, betrayal, bombs, a really big dog, name changes, lots of cowboys, and enough side characters to fill a theater. The attraction between the two is immediate, but the chances to act on it have to be grabbed in and around attacks, flights, and crises at both Able’s place in the city and on Micah’s ranch. But they manage to work falling in love and showing it into the chaotic events that follow their auspicious beginning.

In typical Miles fashion, these two fall hard, have a conflict…or many, to face and they work together to make things right in their world. There will, of course, be a happy ending, but it will be a wild ride to get there. Sometimes funny, sad, exciting, and action-filled, this is a great love story.

Read an extract:

“It’s good to see you again, Mr. Stone. The car you ordered is waiting and the GPS has been set with the address you requested. I’m sorry for your loss, sir. Ms. Lizbet, she was a grand one.”

“Thank you, Harry. She was that.” Micah said, trying not to wince at hearing more condolences. He’d heard that people felt numb after a while, and he was waiting for that. Right now, thinking about what he’d lost with Lizbet’s death was still fresh and painful

He glanced back at the plane before heading for the car that waited. The Stones had used this small airport on the edge of Oklahoma City for years and Micah knew most of the staff there.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be. I trust you to keep it ready for me,” Micah shook Richard’s hand.

“You know I will, sir. Take care.”

Easing the luxury sedan onto the road, Micah punched in the number for the ranch on his cell, knowing Momm would answer.

“Stone Canyon. This you, boss?”

“Is that how you answer my phone, Momm?” There was a tiny bit amusement in the question. As amused as Micah could be in the circumstances. He felt like he was living under a dark cloud of sadness, grief, and anger.

“Of course not. I’m usually completely professional. I figured it would be you. What can I do for you? I know you didn’t want to take the big bag, but I packed for any occasion. Promise you’ll hang those things up when you get to where you’re going. I can’t believe you left looking like you did.”

“Why? I don’t have to be dressed up to fly a plane, you know. Listen, I want you to be extra careful while I’m gone. If you notice anything unusual, you call me immediately and keep in close contact with Ronnie and Batman, okay. I’m serious, anything out of the ordinary. Don’t take any chances. Don’t let anyone in that you don’t know.”

“As if. You know I’m a big weenie. This is my safe place and the only person I feel comfortable having here is you, and sometimes you scare me.”


“Okay, maybe not anymore. You’re a softie, but I know better than to let anyone else know that. You take care of yourself, Micah. This place can’t run without you. We’d all be lost. I’ll hold down the fort here and you kick some ass up there. This sucks big ones, really.” Momm was, as usual, eloquent.

“Colorful as usual, but true in this case. You take care, Momm. I’ll be in touch.” Micah started to hang up, but he heard Momm mutter.

“I wish.”

“Stop that.” Micah had told the handsome young man over and over that there would never be anything but friendship between them. Hell, he knew Momm would freak right on out if he even tried to come on to him. But the little fart loved to tease.

“Oops. Sorry. Bye.” Click.

Review: Bobby Whitney at Book Wenches says this…and more…about Stone Canyon:

“…Stone Canyon is fast-paced and involving, and Ms. Miles does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the action as the two heroes deal with murder, explosions, home invasion, and even kidnapping. They bounce back and forth between Oklahoma City and the Stone Canyon Ranch dealing with one situation after another, trying to steal a little time to be together in what down time they have…”

“…While you might not expect danger and fun to be able to blend together, Ms. Miles pulls it off quite successfully and tops it all off with a whole lot of love: love of friends and family, love of nature and four-legged things that go “bark” in the night, and romantic hit-the-sheets-and-don’t-come-up-for-air love as well. I found that it all adds to up to quite an agreeable and entertaining read…”

Review:  Erotic Horizon had this to say about Stone Canyon…and much more:

STONE CANYON is certainly something different from what I am used to from Ms Miles. Literally from the first few pages Ms Miles laid out her game plan. This is a murder mystery plain and simple with a romance that might not makes it, not because there is no interest but because they all may die before they get the chance to feel what’s it’s like to make a go of a relationship.

All the old predictables that I am used to from Miles are there in STONE CANYON, the cause that the main protags are either fighting for or against, the super sweet characters and of course the author tosses in a pet this time – A huge one at that. Some people might find this off putting however predictables are like welcome arms for me with some authors – so I really like that aspect of the book.

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