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Take It EASY


Take it EASY

When Easy meets Mano, a runaway in trouble, at his mother’s truck stop in Nashville, he falls hard and fast and the feeling seems mutual. The two are as different as night and day, and happy endings don’t always come easy, even if that’s your name. While Easy is out on the road, Mano is arrested and taken back to Tampa. Easy has to get down to Tampa, find Mano, figure out who did do it, and protect Mano and his mother at the same time.. Love is wonderful, exciting, fulfilling, and sexy, but will Easy be able to keep Mano out of prison for murder?


*this is a republished title. 

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Some Reviews…

Bobbi at Book Wenches says:

” “Romantic hero” is not exactly the image that comes to mind when we think of a long haul trucker, but that is exactly what AKM Miles gives us in her novella Take It EASY. This is a sweet yet sensual gay romance about a man who finds love and acceptance when he last expects it, and it combines a hint of danger and suspense with the romance to keep the pages turning.

Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent reading Take It EASY. It is a sweet story with a lot of love – of both the romantic and the family/fellowship kind – in it. It acknowledges that the world “out there” is not as accepting of individual differences as it should be, but it also gives us a measure of hope and a happy ending.”

Erotic Horizon had this to say about Take It EASY:

“… Right from the books start there is a feel good attitude to this book and I will admit I am a huge fan of AKM Miles works so was happy to carry on expecting nothing new to jump out at me – I was so wrong.

TAKE IT EASY is definately a pacey and character driven book and despite the gravity of the situation that Mano was in or even the areas of concerns that came up in this book – the larger than life personalities with their mannerisms, their need for fairness and their sense of fair play pushed this book right along for me.”

Stevie Woods, author of On Reflection and reviewer at Torquere Press says:

“The story just opens up and pulls you right in to meet a group of intriguing people; not just the main characters, both of whom are delightful, but also the secondary characters. There’s not a cardboard character in sight, each person comes across as real and a couple of them I would love to meet! The story never lets up from its almost fairy tale beginning to its exciting climax. (There is even one little thread involving one of those secondary characters that might lead to another story.)

I loved this novel and can’t recommend it highly enough.”

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