***Love is Love***

Tommy’s Story


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It’s going to be a real test of Tommy Marsh’s strength for him to be able to let go of his past in order to have the relationship he wants with Daniel Anderson.Tommy Marsh’s life was good now. The last nine years had made up for the hell he’d gone through during his first twelve. After growing up at Scarcity Sanctuary, he’d become a counsellor with extensive psychology training, working with abused children.

The thing that was missing from his life was a loving, passionate relationship with the man of his dreams, Daniel Anderson. Tommy was so afraid his past would interfere with the future he wanted.A traumatic event sets things in motion and he’s forced to admit his feelings and face his fears. Will Tommy’s new strength and Daniel’s love be enough to get him through?

This was previously released but the story has been re-edited and expanded an additional 12k from the original.

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