***Love is Love***

Too Keen


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Things sure happen when Keen Thomas and Lance Cantu get together. Wild things. Sexy things. Fun things. Crazy things. They form an almost instant bond, but somehow the police keep getting involved. Keen and Lance form an almost instant bond and end up meeting a lot of police officers. It seems that the term “Chaos Magnets” fits them to a T. These two sure know how to handle themselves in chaotic situations. They know how to handle themselves in romantic situations, as well.

There are criminals galore, martial arts, a little old lady (who, by the way, writes gay literature), sisters and identical brothers, more criminals, and lots of really hot sex. Join Keen and Lance as they face all life manages to throw their way, together.


Keen and Sandy had talked and he knew she was taking a few days off to spend some time with Lance. He noticed that her car was missing, though, and wondered where she was. Had Lance forgotten their appointment? He knocked on the door and waited.

Suddenly the door was wrenched open and his hand was taken, pulling him inside. He laughed at Lance as the door was slammed and locked. He found himself up against it with Lance in his arms. Somebody was eager…and very, very hard.

“Tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this,” Lance pleaded, right before he pressed his open mouth over Keen’s. Keen would have told him he wasn’t alone in his desire, but he set about showing him instead. He was familiar with Sandy’s place so he walked them both towards the living room couch, without losing the liplock.

He turned so he was sitting on the back of the couch and pulling Lance into his arms. He spread his legs so they fit together very tightly. Lance was quick to start moving against him, not in a smooth rhythm, but quickly, raggedly, obviously in need.

Keen put his hands on Lance’s ass and pulled him even closer, moving him around, mashing their hard cocks together, creating the much needed friction. Lance groaned into his mouth and tightened his arms around Keen’s neck. He pulled back and mumbled,

“I’m sorry. I’m kind of dopey. Too many time zones yesterday. I didn’t sleep too well. I just…I thought about you…us…all night…and…”

“Not a problem, Lance. I feel the same way. I thought about you, too. Come back here and give me that tongue again.”

Lance pulled his head back a little and looked at him and said, “You like kissing? I mean, I know we did yesterday, but most guys…I mean…”

“Everybody’s different, Lance. Me, I love kissing. Always have. You don’t?”

“Yeah, I mean, yeah, I do…love it. I just thought most guys thought it was…you know…not cool.”

“I love the way it feels…a soft, wet tongue moving in my mouth. I love it soft and light and easy… and I like it rough and hard and strong. Kind of like sex. I like it both ways, you know. There’s a time for both. How about you? You only like it one way, or are you into experimenting and doing it as many ways as we can think up?”

Book Wenches Review says of Too Keen:

“AKM Miles’ novella Too Keen is a story about love, happiness, and building a family with the people you care about. This is a warm and sexy love story that carries many of the hallmarks of Ms. Miles’ writing: a sense of unconditional love and acceptance between characters, main characters who are gentle and caring while still maintaining physical strength, a building of community, and intensely sensual love scenes. I found this to be a sweet and enjoyable read with memorable characters and an emotional storyline.”

Go here for the complete review: http://www.bookwenches.com/february10reviews.htm

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