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Love, Grant


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This is a sequel to Love, Jamie.

It’s a year later and things should be wonderful. But someone seems to have it in for Grant and Jamie again. How far will this person go to harm them? Small pranks that they, at first are able to explain away, turn into dangerous events that leave them once again terrorized. It can’t be him, can it? But he’s still in prison, isn’t he?

The love between Grant and Jamie is strong and has them ready to do serious damage to whoever is threatening their happiness and their very lives. Enough is enough. Frankly, they’re tired of living in fear. They’re looking for a way to stop this madness. They’re going to find it.

Read an extract:

“I bet you’re the only one who thought I was sexy,” Grant said, leaning in to accept the caress that Jamie offered.

“Bet I’m not. Half the girls think you’re hot stuff,” Jamie teased. “They just don’t know you’re mine.” Now Jamie leant over the console and slid his hand behind Grant’s head to pull him in for a kiss.

“Uh, speaking of hot stuff…” Grant tried to say, but Jamie wasn’t through with his lips yet. Grant put his hand behind Jamie’s head and held on, letting the kiss take his mind off the night’s troubles and into the more immediate joys to be experienced.

“Mmm, okay, speaking of…you were saying?” Jamie pulled away, licking his lips, making Grant smile.

“I sort of obligated you to help out at a carnival they’re having for the Raiders team to make enough money to go to state competition this year,” Grant said.

“Okay. What’s that got to do with you being hot stuff?” Jamie tilted his head, looking at Grant with an expression that was adorable. Okay, maybe it was adorable only to him, but it made his heart thud and his toes curl. Hot stuff, indeed.

“One of the girls asked if I’d take a half hour in the Dunk-a-Hunk booth, and I told her I’d try to get you to do a stint in there, too. I hope that was okay. She was thrilled when I pointed you out, by the way.” Grant laughed at Jamie’s raised eyebrows.

“Oh God, coveted by teenage girls. Scary.” Jamie laughed, but said, “Of course, I’ll help, especially if you’re there. We could have fun at a carnival together.”

“No doubt. I could have fun with you no matter where we were,” Grant admitted.

“Back at you, babe. You want to walk around out here or are you ready to go home? You know, where there’s a shower and a bed and a happy pup waiting for some loving? Oh yeah, and me, also waiting for some loving.”

“I’ll take ‘home’, Alex, for two hundred,” Grant said, and laughed with Jamie.


Bobby whitney at Book Wenches says this about Love, Grant:

I quite enjoyed this novel. In fact, I think that this is my favorite of Ms. Miles’ stories to date. Not only do we have the sweet relationship between Grant and Jamie, but there is also a bonus romance between two secondary characters to snag our attention. Topping it all off is an explosive and exciting climax that will have readers holding their breath in an agony of suspense, hoping that our protagonists will emerge unscathed.

The stories that Ms. Miles writes place as much emphasis on friendship and family as they do on the romance between the main characters. The friendship that is shared by the characters in Love, Grant brings them together to make a family, even though they may not be related by blood. This makes for a story that can only be called “heart-warming” in the very best sense of the word. Readers looking for a “feel good” story that still contains some excitement and danger should be pleased with Love, Grant. I know that I certainly was.


Chocolate Minx at Literary Nymphs wrote this about Love, Grant:

“Love, Grant is the follow-up to Love, Jamie. In this well written episode, Grant has found his comfort zone. He is content with the strong love and life he shares with Jamie….”

“…The talented AKM Miles has created another exciting romance interwoven with sensual love scenes, suspense plus an eternal end for their devious psycho enemy. I enjoyed this story immensely.”

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