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When Ben called Soldier that morning, his first day at the theater, he had very strange things to request. When he called the second time, things were even more bizarre. From there things went downhill pretty quickly. He had found someone to love, finally, but would they both live long enough to act upon their feelings? Chip Carver was just what Ben wanted, but between crazy people trying to kill Ben, an evil pimp out to get Chip, the man watching the house, and adorable twins, would they ever be able to connect? Oh, come on, this is Scarcity, people.

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When Ben came back out after explaining that he had a family emergency he saw that Soldier had somehow angled the Hummer so that it covered the front of the alley. As Ben hurried back to the dumpster he found Chip sitting on the boxes and the twins standing on either side of him, as if they were his personal bodyguards. He waited with them for Soldier to return.

“Did you two get everything you needed? I didn’t forget anything, did I?” Ben asked the twins.

“No, it’s all there. Where are we going? You promised you wouldn’t make us go back. We’ll run away if your try it.” Jojo, the spokesperson.

“No one will be running away,” Soldier’s voice interrupted.

He had come around the dumpster and Ben hadn’t heard him. The boys looked at him defiantly, first Jojo crossed his arms and then Jaja copied the move.

Soldier knelt down and looked them in the eyes.

“Do you know what I do?” he asked.

“You’re a soldier, you fight wars for our country,” Jojo said, arms still crossed, but there was a look of respect in his eyes now.

“I did, a long time ago. Now I run a home for boys that have had a hard time. I’m going to get your story and we’ll see if you would fit in with us. I would be glad to take care of you two, but you have to be honest with me.”

“What happened to your face?” Jaja asked, still looking at the scars.

Soldier glanced over to Ben and they shared a smile. Ben had asked the same thing many years before.

“I got hurt in the war and they did the best they could to fix it, but I still have scars.”

“Can I touch it?” Jaja asked.

“Jaja! You can’t ask him that,” Jojo said.

Soldier looked at Ben again and said, “Some things never change.” He looked back at Jaja and smiled at him. “Ben here asked me those same two questions when I first met him. Go ahead and touch. I don’t mind.”

Jaja stepped forward and gently touched the side of Soldier’s face, cupping the side of it with his whole hand. “It’s bumpy. Does it hurt you?”

“Not anymore. Jojo, you want to feel it, too?” Soldier asked.

Jojo hesitated, but stepped over and touched it with one finger and nodded, stepping back.

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