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Ashamed and excited…

I am ashamed to see that I’ve not done anything on my news site since summer. I’m so bad, and sorry. I guess RL got in the way. I am here to rectify the situation. Since Seeing Double came out I’ve added Missing Soldier and Soldier Boys.Soldier Boys officially came out yesterday, the day before Halloween and it is a Halloween short. It’s got a shocker in it and it sets up the next book in the series quite well. You’ll have no trouble figuring out who gets the next book. Just think, which character has always been there, in the background, quiet, but steady, but having no real story…Hmmm…got it figured out? Well, read Soldier Boys and it will all make sense. I’ll add two nice covers by Kris Jacen, by editor, and you can see what’s going on. I added the cover for Seeing Double, also. These are my guys, my men and boys. I love them all. As ever, I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on any of my books. Love to you, and I will be better about writing my news. AKM

MissingSoldier_MilesSoldier Boys  AKM Miles