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I have a release date for Seeing Double, A Scarcity Sanctuary Book.  April 24th. Cover reveal soon. The fabulous and very patient, D Jam, worked wonders for me and it fits the book so well. I can’t wait for the response to this. The beta and the line editor both cried so…it’s a good, strong, heart-grabbing one. Stay tuned for more as I am able to reveal. Love…AKM

P.S. Something lovely to look at…in the meantime…_MG_0434  Now tell me that’s not sweet!

What’s Goin’ On

I’ve been working on edits and going over the cover art for Seeing Double. It’s another Scarcity Sanctuary book. It didn’t start out to be, but I got to the end of the first chapter and thought…”There’s nowhere else to take this but to Scarcity.” So, I hope you all will be happy that there is another one. Oh, and then there’s a short called Missing Soldier coming, too. I’ve always played around with the idea of something happening to one of the dads, the backbone of Scarcity, and what effect it would have. I kind of played around a little with that in Scarcity Holidays with Dillon getting caught in the hostage situation at the bank, but this…wow. So, with the wonderful Kris and Deana at MLR, there will be more Scarcity soon. I hope you love it. I purely do. Love to all. AKM

P.S. As always I’ll send you something lovely to look at. Sunrise on a lonely road near here._MG_1574 a

What am I working on?

Well, while I wait to hear from two Scarcity books at MLR, I am working on a book called…tentatively…Back in Time. It is set in very rural Kentucky, where I grew up. So it is very personal to me and my young years and memories. It’s going well, though I just started, but I feel good about it. I hope all is well in your world and hope to hear from some of you soon. Love, AKM

P.S. Sending you love and a bit of spring._MG_6105ab Lilies in an orb that I made…looks like old paperweights my grandmother used to love. I do now.