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On the 16th of this month, just in time for the holidays, MLR is releasing Dare To with the free bonus sequel, Dare’s Christmas Gift. I’m happy that Dare has a new home and a lovely new cover (thanks, Kris).

Dare To is a reissue and one of my faves. I really like the characters and the drama in this book. I hope you like it and it’s sequel is perfectly timed.

I also have a collection of short stories coming soon. All have been out before, but one of them I added so much to it! Started as a charity short at 6K and is now almost 26K. The cover is a photo that I took and a friend suggested would be a good shot for this collection (thanks, Reese).

I can show you the cover for Dare To and it’s  Christmas bonus book now. I’ll reveal the other soon.

DareTo Cover  4x6   Happy Holidays to all.

Smart Bart News

Smart Bart is moving up the Bestseller List at All Romance! That’s wonderful and exciting. He’s not even out yet!

Here’s the info for that: /product-smartbart-2150557-149.html.

You can check out all of the Allromance.com Bestsellers here: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/bestsellers.html.

Bestseller  Smart Bart Cover

In other great news, Bart becomes available tonight at MLR. That’s a little earlier than the other spots. Grab him and hold on.

By the way, all the things you like about Scarcity Sanctuary Series, it’s there. I hope you like it!

At Scarcity, when there’s a problem, usually Soldier and Dillon can make things better. Not this time.

They can’t just produce someone who will be a match for Bart’s little friend, Mark, who desperately needs a bone marrow donor.

And then there’s Eric, Mark’s older brother. Bart has feelings for him, too.

But then Eric gets beat up, bad, and then they might have found a donor, but then someone breaks into Scarcity and hurts a lot of people, especially Eric, again!

Officer Jansen swears being around them is like being in an action movie.

There’s a lot of action, all right, and a race against time.

I am so happy to show you Smart Bart’s cover and let you know the release date is October 14th!

If you get  a copy and are coming to GRL, bring it and I’ll sign. May be some there to purchase , too.

I hope you all love the story of the last of the seven original boys from Scarcity.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be more Scarcity, but some have wondered…what about Bart?

Well, here he is:           Bart Wip 2

Smart Bart’s cover is done!

Thanks to Kris for another cover that is perfect for the story. Will reveal soon. Bart’s a little hottie!

Ever wonder about Bart?

I shouldn’t have said it that way, because I have gotten emails asking about Bart and when he was going to have a story.

Bless his heart, he’s been there for every one of his brothers as they’ve found their loves. He’s been happy for them. But inside, there was  such longing.

At last.

Bart, the last of the original seven from Scarcity Sanctuary, gets his chance. There’s a lot of pain and fear and drama…and love and caring and support and understanding and kids and cancer and love and caring and support. Well, you know how they are at Scarcity. Will they find a donor for Mark in time? And exactly how many times will Eric get the crap beat out of him? Dang, it’s not fair. As Jaja says, “You’re not ever gonna get to have really good hugs, huh?”

What do you think?

Coming this fall, say mid-October…in time for GRL. Look for Smart Bart. Why did I name it that? Who knows? I’ll send a free ebook when they come out, to the first person who can tell me the answer!


Autism Fact:

“As an autistic person put it, “Every time I am touched it hurts; it feels like fire running through my body.” Gillingham, G. (1995) (Nas website)


Just some thoughts on the subject of touch…


Do you think about touch vey often? Probably not. It’s just something that, for the most part, is taken for granted. Touch. Caress. Hug. Hold.

Do you ever think about people who don’t have that in their lives? People who live alone?

People in nursing homes who have no family left? People who are shy about reaching out? Yeah.

Now think about how often you are touched. Spouse, children, family members, close friends, etc. Even fans in some cases.

Do you think your life is enhanced, improved, just better because you are touched in sweet, kind, warm, loving ways?

Do you ever think about how nice it is that you are touched often?

There are people who go months, or more, without anyone touching them. Take a second to think about that.

They go about their days, weeks, months and maybe don’t even think about what they’re missing. Or maybe they do.

Researchers have proven the positive power of touch with newborns, but does anyone think about anything past that?

What would your life be without the comfort of someone touching you? I’m not speaking in a sexual sense at all, just basic human touch.

Pets are good for hugs and snuggles and strokes and so on, but if you don’t have, or can’t have, a pet, then what? Back to living a life devoid of touch in any way.

There are so many people who are starved for touch. They may not recognize it as such, but it has to have an effect on their lives.

It’s just something to think about. Is there something you could do for someone that you think might be in this position?

Take a hand, kiss a cheek, give a hug, offer an arm to help someone walk more steadily.

I’m not talking about freaking out a stranger, but I bet you know someone who might benefit from a friendly …touch.

How important is touch, to you?

Thank you all so much.

I have had so many great responses to Soldier Boys. Makes me want to get to work on Bart’s book instead of the one I’m currently working on. It’s a real test! I have so many ideas in my head for Bart and Eric and Mark…


Thank you to everyone who wrote and told me they loved the boys’ Halloween story. It was such fun to write with the shocking surprise and the sweet acts that followed. Thanks for letting me know you like the way I write.


Much love. Let me see. What can I put on for you…? How about a pretty heart? Taken in NY this summer near Woodstock. Until next time…AKM



Ashamed and excited…

I am ashamed to see that I’ve not done anything on my news site since summer. I’m so bad, and sorry. I guess RL got in the way. I am here to rectify the situation. Since Seeing Double came out I’ve added Missing Soldier and Soldier Boys.Soldier Boys officially came out yesterday, the day before Halloween and it is a Halloween short. It’s got a shocker in it and it sets up the next book in the series quite well. You’ll have no trouble figuring out who gets the next book. Just think, which character has always been there, in the background, quiet, but steady, but having no real story…Hmmm…got it figured out? Well, read Soldier Boys and it will all make sense. I’ll add two nice covers by Kris Jacen, by editor, and you can see what’s going on. I added the cover for Seeing Double, also. These are my guys, my men and boys. I love them all. As ever, I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on any of my books. Love to you, and I will be better about writing my news. AKM

MissingSoldier_MilesSoldier Boys  AKM Miles



I am so thrilled with the response to both these Scarcity Sanctuary Series books. I have received the most wonderful comments on both and am so happy. I love all the characters at Scarcity, but yeah, the twins about did me in. They are…what? Oh, yeah, PRECIOUS! It was nice to do a little background on Soldier and put him in a vulnerable situation and have the boys come to his rescue. Overall, I’m just happy. Thank you all so much. Just finished Back in Time (Not Scarcity) and have much to tweak on it, so look for it soon, maybe… Love to all. AKM

As always, something pretty for you to look at…been playing with Photoshop (Somebody stop me!)

Horse layers