***Love is Love***

Hello. Much to share.

As to what I’ve been doing…

Changes, a Sip in the Changing Lives Charity Sip line came out today at Torquere. The proceeds for all 21 short stories in this line will go to the Matthew Shepherd Foundation. I’m happy to be part of this.

I’ve been working on the edits for Take It EASY which will come out from Torquere on November 25th. The Six of Pentacles:Tommy’s Story, sequel to Soldier, comes out on December 12th at Torquere. Between Matt and Jason has been accepted and will come out next year. It is a sequel to Between Us.
Too Keen comes out from Total-E-Bound January 25th and I’m working really hard on Love, Grant, the sequel to Love, Jamie. This one is due in April. I’m running in circles doing edits on one, writing another, doing marketing pages on another, and cover art suggestions on still another. Round and round. I’ve got to say, I love it.
I’ve been enjoying time on Goodreads and on GLBT Bookshelf. I’ve been reading a lot of good books that I learn about on these sites.

So, off I go to work on Love, Grant. Thanks for checking in.
***love is love***

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