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Gom Marsh is happy that it’s summer break and he can spend some time with Casey. But no, along comes Laurie with one of the most disturbing cases so far. This time a young artist in a summer school program is producing some extremely tortured drawings. Gom has to get in there to find out what is going on with Kade Godwin. If that’s not enough, there’s a teacher who is being cyber-bullied and has no idea who is doing it, and it’s got to be kept on the down-low to protect his reputation. But there’ a really good ending.



“I need you to—no, I guess I need to come to you first. Can I come by tonight after work? I need to fill you in so we can get to the bottom of this problem before something really bad happens.” Laurie sounded so frustrated and a little scared.

“Of course. Why don’t you come to supper at Scarcity? Casey and I already talked about eating there tonight. I’m sure everybody would love to see you.” Through their cases she had spent a few nights with the family.

“Ooh, Dillon’s cooking? Count me in. Can I bring something?”

“You know better. Just be hungry.” Gom laughed. It was no secret how much she loved Dillon’s food, especially his donuts.

“Yum. I’ll be there. What time?”

“Six thirty okay?” he asked, she agreed, and they hung up.

“Another one?” Casey asked and Gom’s heart dropped thinking about someone else being so badly hurt that he was needed to help.

“Yeah, I need to call Dillon and let him know she’s coming.”

“You know he’ll make her donuts,” Casey teased.

“Yep, won’t hurt my feelings at all,” Gom said. “I wonder what’s going on. She said it was at the new school on Ford Road. It’s brand new. You kind of hope that with it so new there wouldn’t be time for anything really bad to be going on.”

“Wait. School hasn’t even started yet. It’s summer. How could there be a case for you to help with if they aren’t in session?”

“I don’t know. There’s summer school, maybe. I guess we’ll find out tonight.”




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